Space to Grow – A Business Strategy for Success

Space to Grow – A Business Strategy for Success

Patrick Gillespie

Ashford Properties - Principal

For the purpose of clarity, everything in this article is written as an opinion - an extension of what we believe and how we work. We write these articles as commercial building owners, and a property management team from Moncton, New Brunswick. During our more than two decades in the category called ‘commercial real estate’ we’ve always believed creating mutually beneficial partnerships, and putting people first will ultimately define a company’s long-term success. We hope you find a nugget or two of information that will help your team’s culture thrive as a result.

If you asked people within affiliated industries what Ashford Properties does, our guess is they say something to the effect; “they rent and manage commercial office space”.

The more interesting question from the perspective of a tenant or commercial real estate broker might be; “when it comes to the ‘customer experience’ what sets Ashford Properties apart?” It’s a really important question for any business to answer, because at the end of the day growth and profit are really a measure of the unique experience and value you bring to customers.

After talking with brokers and tenants, doing some of our own homework and getting an outside perspective – we uncovered our north star (our number 1 focus – the thing we’ve always done without realizing it – the reason we exist).

Finding The Right Commercial Real Estate Broker

Should Commercial Tenants Expect Lease Flexibility?

We exist for one reason – to create environments for people to thrive.

From an internal perspective we made the decision years ago to hire leaders (regardless of their position) and then consistently empowered them to think and work like owners. Giving them the ability to learn, make mistakes, develop and share their ideas, and create ‘wow’ moments for our tenants.

From an external perspective we realized that we carried our people-first philosophy directly into our tenant experience. We’ve always worked to do things in the best interest of our tenants, even though we might lose in the short-term it didn’t matter.

It’s why every commercial realty broker who knows us appreciates that we will never limit our ability to find an ‘outside the box’ solution, just because we might not have the right listing on the market today.

Creating environments for people to thrive requires a team committed to:

  • Re-inventing space;
  • Identifying and removing barriers to growth;
  • Engaging and picking the brains of our tenants; and
  • Finding flexible ways to accelerate their success.

That’s why the words ‘Space to Grow’ cut much deeper in our world, than a rhetorical tagline.

Finding The Right Commercial Real Estate Broker

Should Commercial Tenants Expect Lease Flexibility?

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