Wee College

When Melody Munro, owner and CEO of Wee College, found us she had pretty much looked at every viable commercial space in Moncton with her Commercial Real Estate Broker – and we could sense disappointment verging on despair. She went on to explain that there was nothing to be found in the downtown core that would work for the early childhood learning environment she envisioned.

Everything looked and smelled like traditional office space.

From her perspective the right space had 3 key requirements:


The space needed to have an active learning, recreational feel.


The space needed to be in Moncton’s downtown core.


They wanted their own entrance rather than a shared building entrance.

A few days later we showed Melody a former auto dealership that we owned on 465 Main Street. Her initial reaction could best be described as ‘mild shock’, as she tried to envision how an old run down building could ever be transformed into a flagship Wee College location. Her second reaction was that even if it was possible, the renovation costs would likely be prohibitive.

‘Where imaginations smile’ (Wee College’s trademark tagline) finally came full circle.

Melody has shared many times, that the biggest wow factor for her was our willingness to invest in her success when it came to managing the cost of the design – and by doing so it has allowed her to grow exponentially. We’re proud to say that the active learning space we brought to life together as partners has gained national attention by early childhood educators and business owners.

“Melody took one look at our proposed design and lease structure, turned to me and said with a sincere splash of heartfelt appreciation – ‘you just made my imagination smile’.”

Patrick Gillespie Ashford Properties

We’re thrilled to be part of the Wee College family – and happy to note that since opening her new downtown location, Melody has also moved her corporate head office into one of our other buildings.