Today Masitek is a recognized global leader in developing smart inline and virtual remote sensing technology, that pin-points and eliminates product damage during processing within a variety of industry sectors. Approximately five years ago Masitek’s CEO Tracy Clinch knew from experience, that her team’s kinetic engagement would be fueled by the right workspace.

The company’s top three priorities were driven by:


A desire to secure a location within Moncton’s downtown core.


The ability to configure space where ideas could collide and take off.


Finding building owners willing to provide lease flexibility for a proven start-up.

Tracy was looking for a blank slate with a downtown vibe – and she loved the space the moment we did the walk though. The open space and tech-cluster energy spoke her language.

We learned that open collaboration serves as the core for innovation and creativity – but with a twist. Tracy and her team created what she referred to as ‘collision areas’, open meeting space where sparks fly, problems get solved and they turn complex into simple.

That’s been the key to their success – solving complex problems with easy to use products like the SchockQCTM, CracklessEggTM, SmartSpudTM and others.

We also appreciated that as a proven start-up Masitek was focused on creating the right space for her team to thrive minus the cashflow the company now enjoys, so we presented a graduated long term lease that continues to work for all of us.

At the end of the day – we couldn’t be more thrilled to give companies like Masitek, the space they need to grow.