Keller Williams Capital Realty

When Keller Williams opened their first office in the City of Moncton, immediacy was the priority. Initially they were a small team ready to go to work in any space they could find.

We decided to go the extra mile and give them gymnast-like flexibility.

Rather than lock them into a long-term lease (which would have been easy to do), we went short-term with the option to move them if the space was required for another tenant. This also allowed them bypass National Brand Required fit-up costs in a space they would likely outgrow.

After chatting with Austin, recently he shared three additional ‘above and beyond’ moments he has never forgotten:


Our offer to do the fit-up costs to KW Brand standards, and included additional space for their 2nd move (which we initiated for a new tenant) – at no additional cost to them.


When they grew to the point they were busting at the seams – we let them out of their 2nd lease and moved them turn-key into a converted warehouse space to keep their costs down.


The fact that their new state-of-the-art open concept Moncton location has become the ‘flagship office’ everyone wants to work in.

Some of our competitors would ask why? Others just get it.

If you think and act like true partners the journey always becomes a win-win. Our bottom line, we’ve always believed long-term thinking and relationships matter more than a quick profit.