Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada

We’ve always believed organizations like Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada play an integral part of a community’s growth and success. They shine a national and international spotlight on our City – but more importantly the organization inspires creativity, leadership and provides role models for our youth.

So when we discovered Susan Chalmers-Gauvin (Co-Founder & CEO) was looking for space to grow the organization, we made the commitment within our team to help.

From our perspective there were essentially
3 ‘must haves’ on our list:


Find a building that communicated ‘international success’.


Find a venue where required fit-up costs would be modest.


Give Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada a ‘downtown’ presence.

We asked ourselves, would a former YMCA building work?

It was close enough to the City’s downtown core, it was the home of Class A office space – but we learned that typical gym floors do not easily lend themselves to the rigors of dance. After lots of research and collaboration, not only did we find a way to make the specialized flooring upgrades at a minimal cost – our new tenant gave our building a very attractive multi-use feel.

“I think Susan and Igor were over the moon when they realized what we were proposing – the icing on the cake for us was our ability to integrate a green room and rooftop patio into their world.”

Jim Dixon Ashford Properties

The biggest NON-SURPRISE?

With the success of Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada and their affiliated Ballet School – it’s been evident for a while now that they need a new space to spread their wings and grow. We’re already thinking ahead with one goal in mind – we need to give them even more ‘downtown visibility’.